Dishes typical of the Cilento, vegetables grown and home-made pasta and wine.

Our kitchen as a cook at his house, that is well and with top quality.

The his ability to do cavatielli and rondelle is extraordinary and the eggplant 'nchiappate taste delicious.

The vegetables are produced by us and the only fertilizer is our compost.

Cheeses and meats are top quality and manufactured by companies similar to ours, the same our area.

The meals go well with the wine we produce and, true to the motto that what they like, when used in moderation, is good and not evil, over a good glass of wine, we say: health.

From mouth-watering

Some of the delicious dishes of our chef ...

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Where are we?

S.P. 109 Foria/Palinuro, 84051 Centola
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